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Jessica Curry and Dan Pinchbeck on Dear Esther and thechineseroom

This is a great video of a talk by Curry and Pinchbeck where they just sort of nerd out and give a very long (45 minute) talk about the development of Dear Esther and Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. It is very much worth … Continue reading

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On Dear Esteban

So I just finished Dear Esteban.  Dear Esteban is the product of Fuck This Jam, a game jam that was dedicated to making games that the designers, well, fucking hate. The jam page for Dear Esteban sums up the point of the game nicely: The … Continue reading

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Swain on Dear Esther

So Eric Swain has an article up at PopMatters about Dear Esther. I have written about Dear Esther extensively on this blog. Faithful readers of this blog will know that I have a particular weird love for Dear Esther. I’ve played it … Continue reading

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Dear Esther: A Photo Essay

This gallery contains 10 photos.

Dear Esther is linear. It speaks like a 19th century novel. It is full of pain and loss. As the narrator say, “the infection is not simply of the flesh.” The island stands alone–“the revolution and the permanence” of a play … Continue reading

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On Dear Esther (3)

Previous posts on Dear Esther are here and here. I keep coming back to Dear Esther. After Gameloop, and the discussion of art games that I had a few times there, Esther kept coming back to my mind. So I played it again. Much … Continue reading

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On Anna

I. What is Anna? Anna is a new game from Dreampainters. You can purchase it here. It is equal parts puzzler and horror with a heavy dash of ambient narrative added. The game promises a horror game experience on the level of Amnesia, partially … Continue reading

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On Dear Esther (again)

I played through Dear Esther again. In my initial post, I made some assumptions and arguments about the storyline that was going on in the game. I have to tell you right now, at the top of this post, that I was … Continue reading

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