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Review of Arkham Asylum at Paste

About halfway through my time with the game, I quipped on Twitter that Arkham Knight has some of the best comic book writing in the sense that the writing is terrible, and while I’m not sure I think that’s exactly … Continue reading

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A Critical Look At Homefront

Today I released the video I’ve been working on on-and-off for the past few weeks. It’s a critical look at Homefront, a game I generally think is much more interesting than most people tend to give it credit for. The video … Continue reading

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Heroes of the Storm SUPERCUT

Last night I posted a “supercut” video of a long stream of Heroes of the Storm that I hosted the other night. It’s a bunch of my friends from my World of Warcraft days and before, and I’ve included our fun wins and our … Continue reading

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Epanalepsis Out Today!

After a very long and weird journey that has destroyed both my mind and my body, I have released Epanalepsis. It is a short narrative game that’s sort of cyberpunky and sort of Literary Brat Pack and generally just a weird … Continue reading

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Thimbleweed Park and Sketching

Gary Winnick has a new post up on the Thimbleweek Park development blog about quick sketching and visual design for a game. I’ve never thought about quick iteration as something at the forefront of my game development method, but I really have … Continue reading

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Crocotile 3D: A Tilemap Editor In 3D

Just wanted to make a quick post about Crocotile 3D, a program I noticed on Twitter the other day. It seems like a really interesting system for creating 3D spaces out of 2D tilesets. Alex Hanson-White is the developer and … Continue reading

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