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I’m LPing Grand Theft Auto III

If you’re a frequent reader of this blog or my Twitter, you know that I’m constantly flirting with making video content. I have the capture card, I have the microphone, and so now I’m committing myself to making a Let’s … Continue reading

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#clonejamCMRN starts soon!

James Earl Cox has been running a series of game jams where the goal is to “clone” (in style, tone, etc) the games of independent developers. I feel super lucky and grateful that he has put me on that list … Continue reading

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On Timesplitters 2

A little while ago I wrote about Timesplitters, the Playstation heir to the design minds and concepts that delivered the ultimate party game of the end of history (the 1990s), Goldeneye. Now, based on some voting from my Patreon users, I’m taking you … Continue reading

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Announcing: Micromolar

I’m incredibly pleased to announce Micromolar. Micromolar is a collaborative media creation unit comprised of HNT/KNZLMN. We make interactive art, video art, music, and other forms of contemporary “oh wow” kind of stuff. You can see our first piece, Ovis Baggi, here. … Continue reading

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Destiny’s Raid Is Interesting Because It Is A Game

I was reading this phenomenal (really, just great) interview that Kirk Hamilton did with Luke Smith, a designer on Destiny‘s Vault of Glass raid, and I was struck by the following questions and answers: It’s funny, there are fourteen unique ways … Continue reading

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My Fascination With Weedopia

Weedopia is a RPG Maker game from Gaming Roach Entertainment that they are currently attempting to kickstart for six thousand Canadian dollars. It does not appear that they are going to make it, but I’m fascinated by the idea that someone … Continue reading

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On The Uncle Who Works For Nintendo

There was a time when the specter of the uncle who worked at Nintendo haunted every recess period in the United States. I first heard him in the pickup spot where parents would pick up their kids after school. The … Continue reading

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