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On Metal Gear Solid V

There’s spoilers for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain in this article. Sorry. 0. In nature there is no such thing as boundless slaughter, there is always an end to it. But you, Snake, are different. The paths you … Continue reading

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On Bruns’ On Ceasing To Be Human

I recently finished Gerald Bruns’ On Ceasing To Be Human, and I just wanted to jot down a few notes about it. I’m going to put those notes here because why not?! 1. Ceasing is a wonderful summation of a particular strain of … Continue reading

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On a Gigabyte G1 Commercial

I move objects with my mind. I climb the tallest mountains and slay dragons. I defend my galaxy from ruthless aliens. I am never bored. I am stronger. I am faster. I am G1. The commercial is the ultimate synthetic … Continue reading

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liz ryerson on leaving games

the thing i love about game culture is so many people try and preserve what creations were left behind by a ruthless, brutal market and bringing it back to the forefront in a passionate, sincere way. that’s the best of … Continue reading

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On One With Nature

It’s a small game that makes a small argument, if there’s even an argument at all, but it’s beautifully constructed. It lures you in with the promise that there is always going to be something deeper, but eventually there isn’t. One … Continue reading

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Playing Defense in the Battle for Zendikar

The newest Magic the Gathering set, Battle for Zendikar, will go into prerelease this weekend. What that means, if you aren’t in the know, is that people will be able to go to events and play with the cards of the … Continue reading

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Syndicate video – part 1

Danni and I played a little bit of Syndicate. The game often feels as if I am piloting a giant stick of butter.

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