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Rosi Braidotti on the future

TVWhat makes the project of the nomadic programmatic, or utopian? Rosi Braidotti: Let’s call it programmatic; maybe that’s a better term than utopian here. I call to actively embrace this ethic of affirmation. We need to borrow the energy from … Continue reading

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Fanon on the evolution of forms of exploitation

For a time it looked at though racism had disappeared. This soul-soothing, unreal impression was simply the consequence of the evolution of forms of exploitation. Psychologists spoke of a prejudice having become unconscious. The truth is that the rigor of … Continue reading

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Michel Foucault On Video Games–I Mean Neo-Liberalism

I think that the uncoupling of of the market economy and laissez-faire policies was achieved, or was defined, at any rate, its principle was laid down, when the neo-liberals put forward a theory of pure competition in which competition was … Continue reading

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Rasmussen on Architecture and History

Thus, in the Spanish Steps we can see a petrification of the dancing rhythm of a period of gallantry; it gives us an inkling of something that was, something our generation will never know. Rasmussen, Experiencing Architecture 136

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Rasmussen and Architecture

A painter’s sketch is a purely personal document; his brush stroke is as individual as his handwriting; an imitation of it is a forgery. This is not true of architecture. The architect remains anonymously in the background. Here again he … Continue reading

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