The Wonderful Farting Mudokon

I have a lot of love in my heart for the Oddworld universe, and a lot of love in particular with Abe. After all, he was the chosen one who freed the scrabs and the paramites and, finally, the mudokons while running and throwing switches and hanging out with elum (elum is the best).

The best part about Abe was his willingness to fart with the rest of his species. It is a universal trait amongst mudokons that they find farting funny. Whether a factory-born slave (like Abe) or a free-born (like Big Face), everyone finds farts funny. In the deepest, darkest heart of a factory, Abe can stand with his almost-freed companions and fart.

He just farts, and everyone laughs, and it’s a moment of levity before you inevitably make a mistake and lead your friends into a landmine of the machine gun of a slig.

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