Support Dames Making Games and Their Trip to GDC!


This is a weird moment where I take time out of my extensive Weird Stuff [TM] blogging and relentless self promotion in order to promote a super deserving organization.

Dames Making Games, a Toronto-based group that supports and promotes games developed by women, is sending a large contingent to this year’s Game Developers Conference and they need funds to pay for flights, accommodations, and food for those participants. The organization itself is fantastic and seems to be doing an extreme amount of good through community creation and outreach, and I think that showing strong support for them can only have a larger good effect in that other people will be able to see their model as one that can work and mimicked other places. So I’m saying that supporting DMG is a way of potentially supporting efforts to bring more women into game development and that that is an unalloyed good.

In any case, go kick them a few bucks! It’s for a good cause!

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