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Violet Forest’s “VHS Girls”

I don’t have any context for this piece, but it’s haunting nonetheless; a purposeful fragmentation in a medium that always felt fragmented when you used it. The linearity and the usage of the video camera meant that a full tape … Continue reading

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Bundled, Buried and Behind Closed Doors

I really enjoy this video both for what it is and as a teaching tool. There’s a weird oscillation in new media studies where some people are stuck in the 1990s and treat the internet as some kind of immaterial, … Continue reading

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Stone Cold Steve Austin is an Allegory for the Internet

You can watch that video to see Stone Cold Steve Austin yelling “what?!” in the face of basically everyone he ever came into contact with in a professional wrestling setting. That was his trademark, at least as much as I … Continue reading

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Released: Vomit Bear

This past week I was attempting to recover from two months of crunch on Epanalepsis (it’s coming along great), and I made a small game called Vomit Bear. I made some mouth sounds music and enlisted the help of a lot of … Continue reading

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Jean Epstein on discontinuity and continuity

Discontinuity becomes continuity only once it has entered the movie-viewer. It is a purely interior phenomenon. Outside the viewing subject there is no movement, no flux, no light in the mosaics of light and shadow that the screen always displays … Continue reading

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SMK Speedruns Psychonauts

A great video across the board.

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On Depeche Mode’s “Shake the Disease”

The irony that I can’t shake “Shake the Disease” is not lost on me. I listen to music in little ritournelles, a French-y word for saying that I get stuck in audio ruts as a mode of habit. I listen … Continue reading

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