Interview with One More Turn

A few weeks ago I did an interview with Kevin King of One More Turn about my games. He asked really great questions, and it prodded some answers out of me.

I’m generally not a person to write artists statements or arguments about my games. Most of the time I want the things I make to stand for themselves, and if they can’t manage to do so, then I didn’t do a good enough job to begin with. In some ways, I think that’s weird in the contemporary indie dev scene — there are entire websites that exist only to allow developers to speak about their intentions with design — but I’m straddling a line between art and commercial development that I really haven’t parsed very well yet.

All of that said, I say more in this interview about my design process and what I am thinking about when I make games than I ever have before, and if you’re interested in that, it is worth listening to.

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