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Figure/Ground Interview with Anthony Paul Smith

What effect has the information age and technology had on the university and on pedagogy? I take a kind of Deleuzian approach to the question of technology and pedagogy. Very simply, too simply probably, one of the lessons of the … Continue reading

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Galloway on Images

One of the key consequences of the control society is that we have moved from a condition in which singular machines produce proliferations of images, into a condition in which multitudes of machines produce singular images. As evidence for the … Continue reading

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Can We Kindly? by Samantha Allen

This is a guest post, which isn’t a normal thing for this blog, but I read Samantha’s piece and immediately offered to put it here. So here it is. – CK -+-+-+-+-+- Samantha Allen is a transgender woman, ex-Mormon and … Continue reading

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Slipping Moorings

Some panel from Heavy Metal that I didn’t track very well.

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Riff Raff on Interpretation

So that is an interview where Riff Raff talks about his work ethic and about how he coming up in the world of rap. But he also talks about audience reception of his songs. I’ve transcribed Riff Raff on haters … Continue reading

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Heavy Metal Editor’s Note December 1978

This is the Xmas issue of HM. This is for all the people who saw one once and no one believed them. This if for all the people who have a fierce hairy animal living inside. Who believe it’ll all … Continue reading

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Nonhuman Life: Quentin Meillassoux’s After Finitude

This post is part of a series of posts that I am writing in conjunction with an independent study I am taking that is based around the concept of nonhuman life. You can read more about it here. Up front: After … Continue reading

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