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On Thirty Flights of Loving

I really, really enjoyed Thirty Flights of Loving. It was made by Blendo Games aka Brendon Chung.  I enjoyed it not because of how it cuts up space, though I did like that aspect. But film already does that–I like to … Continue reading

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Announcement: Designing Horror

Check out the games in the Designing Horror series. It is rare that I make announcements on this blog. I don’t have a lot to announce; mostly, I just have weird things to say. I like to gush. But this … Continue reading

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Or, What Is It Like To Be A Thing?

I MADE A GAME SO PLAY IT.  I often go on and on about people who study games and write about games having a kind of obligation to understand how games are made and be familiar with the materiality of … Continue reading

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Steven Shaviro on Postmodernity

Our only chance lies in this: to remake ourselves over and over again, frenetically chasing fashion, keeping up with state-of-the-art technology, and always being sure to purchase (or steal) the latest upgrades. Isn’t that the American way? Even the most … Continue reading

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