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Leopold Lambert on the Explosion

What is an explosion at the pure physics level? A bomb is an apparatus that contains folded within itself the potential liberation of an important volume of energy in the form of an exothermic reaction. Such a volume of energy … Continue reading

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Rancière on the Pure Nonsense of Life

The notes disappear in smoke, and the raised fist of the infant – a new kind of messiah different from Bartleby/Deleuze – celebrates, for all science, the hymn of life obstinately pursuing its own nonsense. Literary fiction has embraced the … Continue reading

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Jacques Rancière on Art’s World

Art exists as a separate world since anything whatsoever can belong to it. This is precisely one of the arguments of this book. It shows how a regime of perception, sensation, and interpretation of art is constituted and transformed by … Continue reading

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Rancière on Life and Politics

The scientific Marxist revolution certainly wanted to put an end to the workers’ reveries, along with utopian programmes. But by opposing them to the effects of real social development, it kept subordinating the end and means of action to the … Continue reading

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Walter Miller’s Alien Invader

It swam like an airborne jellyfish. A cluster of silver threads it seemed, tangled in a cloud of filaments–or a giant mass of dandelion fluff. It leaked out misty pseudopods, then drew them back as it pulled itself through the … Continue reading

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Leopold Lambert on Architecture and Occupation

Occupation is a second way that architecture is used to serve military purposes. Of course one could think of the Roman Legion’s settlement and some other temporary military structures; nevertheless, it seems more interesting here to understand the word military … Continue reading

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Sam Biddle on Google Glass Evangelism

There’s no clear answer as to why Scoble has hundreds of thousands of followers across Twitter and Facebook, given that he’s just a guy who works for a data hosting company. This isn’t one of the great minds of our … Continue reading

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