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Jacques Rancière on Art’s World

Art exists as a separate world since anything whatsoever can belong to it. This is precisely one of the arguments of this book. It shows how a regime of perception, sensation, and interpretation of art is constituted and transformed by … Continue reading

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Rancière on Life and Politics

The scientific Marxist revolution certainly wanted to put an end to the workers’ reveries, along with utopian programmes. But by opposing them to the effects of real social development, it kept subordinating the end and means of action to the … Continue reading

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Crossed and the Reduction to Meat

My partner hates when I talk about beings “reduced to meat.” I might have stolen the phrase from someone, but what I am trying to get at with the phrase is that there is a clear dividing line between what … Continue reading

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Some Preliminary Thoughts on Groys’ Art Power

I started reading Boris Groys’ Art Power yesterday. Well, by “started reading” I mean that I slogged through the introduction; I find Groys fascinating but dry, which is probably more of a byproduct of translation than anything else. I enjoyed the opening … Continue reading

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Bogost’s Unit Operations and the Strangeness of Simulation

Over the Christmas break, and on Christmas day itself, I was reading Ian Bogost’s Unit Operations: An Approach to Video Game Criticism.  Immediately after that I read a Thomas M. Disch novel, but after that I read Tom Bissell’s Extra Lives: … Continue reading

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Music Time 30

I know that I have been neglecting this place, but it really hasn’t been my fault. I went straight from a long thesis on Bataille to writing a conference paper (and hopefully getting a publication) about Ranciere and comic book … Continue reading

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On Ranciere’s The Future of the Image

So I finished this a few minutes ago. I was, and am, frustrated about it–I wanted it to be much more than it ended up being. Ranciere begins the book with a discussion of the image. This is my first … Continue reading

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