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Nonhuman Life: Quentin Meillassoux’s After Finitude

This post is part of a series of posts that I am writing in conjunction with an independent study I am taking that is based around the concept of nonhuman life. You can read more about it here. Up front: After … Continue reading

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Nonhuman Life: Announcement and Book List

This semester I will be taking an independent study on the concept of “nonhuman life.” As a part of that, I have decided to make my weekly notes, small essays, or whatever from the class available publicly–thus, for the next … Continue reading

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On Losing a Game of Civilization V

Yesterday I marathon’d a day-long game of Civilization V while getting over some kind of full-body funk. Not a good P-Funkadelic-funk, but a disease trying to colonize my body and turn me into a meatpuppet for nefarious means-funk. So I sat and … Continue reading

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David Lulka on the lawn

The condition of the lawn in winter presents a more difficult set of issues. The immanence of grass presents no ethical challenge when lawns remain stagnant in the late summer heat. During winter and spring, however, immanence rears its head … Continue reading

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In Case You Missed It

So go look at In Case You Missed It before you read this post. If you’re reading this, chances are good that you have seen the phrase “in case you missed it” over and over again on Twitter and Facebook. The … Continue reading

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Lived Nonhuman Ethics

My core concern, both academically and also personally, is working through the question of what it means to be ethical to nonhumans. Most often that takes the form of the human ethical relationship to animals. That said, my ethical concerns … Continue reading

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Guattari on the Post-Media Era

The emergence of these new practices of subjectivation of a post-media era will be greatly facilitated by a concerted reappropriation of communicational and information technology, assuming they increasingly allow for: 1. The formation of forms of dialogue and collective interactivity … Continue reading

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On The World

So some of you might know that I’ve been working on the question of nonhuman ethics. More precisely, I’ve been trying to understand our ethical obligation toward purely digital entities–computer games, for example, or evolved virtual creatures. Since my proclivities … Continue reading

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