Oath of the Gatewatch’s Most Interesting Cards

nissa writing

I’ve been writing lists of the most interesting cards of the most recent Magic: The Gathering sets, and the articles are somewhere between useful and total frivolity. I just wrote another one about Oath of the Gatewatch. I’m literally writing about the cards that I find the most interesting, and while the positive feedback I get is a general enjoyment of the commentary I provide about the cards that I find interesting, the negative feedback is really strange in that it demands that I do the normal labor of just ranking the cards of the set. And those power/applicability/playability rankings are literally everywhere and have been for a couple weeks now, so I’m really not sure about why every entertainment list (and to be clear, this is an entertainment article) needs to be so serious and chock full of info.

In any case, conundrums aside, you can read The Most Interesting Cards in Oath of the Gatewatch.

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