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On The Yahwg

Damian Sommer and Emily Carroll originally made a version of The Yahwg for the first Comics vs. Games. I don’t know what the conversation after that looked like, but I imagine it was something like “you want to make this a little more … Continue reading

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On The 3 Snake Leaves

Emily Carroll is probably my favorite working comics author right now (only surpassing James Kochalka because American Elf is over and I have no interest in J.K.’s other work). His Face All Red is the pinnacle of horror comics, and Margot’s Room absolutely destroys me in … Continue reading

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Comics vs. Games

TIFF Nexus, possibly the worst-named entity of all time, has been sponsoring or holding or doing something with game jams in Toronto. Even though the guy explains it in the video, I am really confused about the whole thing–but my … Continue reading

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