#clonejamCMRN starts soon!


James Earl Cox has been running a series of game jams where the goal is to “clone” (in style, tone, etc) the games of independent developers. I feel super lucky and grateful that he has put me on that list with a group of people who are far more creative and clever than I ever hope to be (a lot of the time I feel less like a creator and more like a tinkerer. Everyone else on that list is a CREATIVE GIANT.)

In any case, #clonejamCMRN is going this weekend. You can sign up for it here. Apparently ludum dare is also going on, and there’s no reason that you can’t make a game that covers both bases (you should do that!)

In any case, I’m hyperinterested in anything that comes out of this jam. I will definitely make a post next week where I play and talk about the games that come out of this jam. Happy jamming!

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