Memory Insufficient #8

Memory Insufficient #8 is out.

I’m being incredibly serious when I say that every time an issue of this zine comes out, I immediately open it and read through it in one sitting. There are very few places where such insightful writing on games is being done, and a big part of what MI works is that it is focused on history. The history of games remains to be written, and by that I don’t mean to ignore the several popular and academic histories of games that have been written. What I mean is that there is a counterhistory and an oral history that has to be done alongside that, and those things are rarely done until years after the fact; media studies has a bad habit to wait for history to become history before it works to make it more clear. Memory Insufficient is making a real political intervention in this reifying effect, and I wish we could see more of these smaller edited collections pop up.


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