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“1945-1998” by Isao Hashimoto

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Brian Taylor on Joe Magarac

Since the ’30s, plenty of folklorists have suggested [Joe] Magarac was totally made up by Francis. But whether Francis or other steelworkers made up Magarac, whether he was initially intended to be empowering or amusing or critical of the industry … Continue reading

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TCiW Holiday Buyers Guide 2013 – Fiction Books

A few weeks ago I floated the idea that I might do a buyer’s guide for the oncoming holiday season. Now I decided to do it. This is a holiday gift guide for people who think that the things I … Continue reading

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AMBER: Journeys Beyond

I played AMBER: Journeys Beyond on CDROM more than a decade ago and it was super strange and I never got very far. I did some research last week after a helpful bunch of people helped me figure out the … Continue reading

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On Spacefaust

The developer of Spacefaust pointed me to the game, and I think it is a neat game. It is a jam game made in Unity where you fly around and shoot little thingies that shoot at you, but it is all bound … Continue reading

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On Kingdom Hearts

1. Kingdom Hearts is a game about a child name Sora who has a giant key who pals around with Goofy and Donald Duck. He goes to different worlds based on various Disney properties and bludgeons Heartless to death with said … Continue reading

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Lyotard on the human in humans

What shall we call human in humans, the initial misery of their childhood, or their capacity to acquire a ‘second’ nature which, thanks to language, makes them fit to share in communal life, adult consciousness and reason? That the second … Continue reading

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Keighley on the Life and Death of Trilobyte

“I think Graeme’s e-mails got a little harsh at times,” explains artist Mark Peasley. To many inside the company, the e-mails were downright caddish. Devine admits he went through an “acid period” after his migraine attack in late 1994, and … Continue reading

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Indie and AAA and a Complex Relationship

I have some feelings about a recent sentiment expressed by Patrick Lindsay on twitter. He told me that I could quote him here, so I’m going to for brevity’s sake: AAA is the process of trying to say something to … Continue reading

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Castles in the Sky review at Paste

Castles In The Sky puts that front and center. It is not a game that you play and then reflect on later. It is the coffee, the cello, the cornbread of videogame experiences. It is meant to be taken in the … Continue reading

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