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Samantha Allen on the Transgender Day of Remembrance

On November 20th, we cannot mourn the past without interrogating our present. It’s easy to grieve the dead; it’s harder to come to terms with our complicity in their oppression, with the parts of ourselves that would still regard a … Continue reading

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Kanye via Isaac

I’m writing on Kanye and the videogame aesthetic right now. Sample:

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a quibble in being

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“1945-1998” by Isao Hashimoto

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Brian Taylor on Joe Magarac

Since the ’30s, plenty of folklorists have suggested [Joe] Magarac was totally made up by Francis. But whether Francis or other steelworkers made up Magarac, whether he was initially intended to be empowering or amusing or critical of the industry … Continue reading

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TCiW Holiday Buyers Guide 2013 – Fiction Books

A few weeks ago I floated the idea that I might do a buyer’s guide for the oncoming holiday season. Now I decided to do it. This is a holiday gift guide for people who think that the things I … Continue reading

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AMBER: Journeys Beyond

I played AMBER: Journeys Beyond on CDROM more than a decade ago and it was super strange and I never got very far. I did some research last week after a helpful bunch of people helped me figure out the … Continue reading

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