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On Spacefaust

The developer of Spacefaust pointed me to the game, and I think it is a neat game. It is a jam game made in Unity where you fly around and shoot little thingies that shoot at you, but it is all bound … Continue reading

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On Kingdom Hearts

1. Kingdom Hearts is a game about a child name Sora who has a giant key who pals around with Goofy and Donald Duck. He goes to different worlds based on various Disney properties and bludgeons Heartless to death with said … Continue reading

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Lyotard on the human in humans

What shall we call human in humans, the initial misery of their childhood, or their capacity to acquire a ‘second’ nature which, thanks to language, makes them fit to share in communal life, adult consciousness and reason? That the second … Continue reading

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Keighley on the Life and Death of Trilobyte

“I think Graeme’s e-mails got a little harsh at times,” explains artist Mark Peasley. To many inside the company, the e-mails were downright caddish. Devine admits he went through an “acid period” after his migraine attack in late 1994, and … Continue reading

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Indie and AAA and a Complex Relationship

I have some feelings about a recent sentiment expressed by Patrick Lindsay on twitter. He told me that I could quote him here, so I’m going to for brevity’s sake: AAA is the process of trying to say something to … Continue reading

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Castles in the Sky review at Paste

Castles In The Sky puts that front and center. It is not a game that you play and then reflect on later. It is the coffee, the cello, the cornbread of videogame experiences. It is meant to be taken in the … Continue reading

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Joe Culp Played Through C.A.T.H.A.R.S.I.S.

  Over at Gamervescent, Joe Culp has done an extensive playthrough of CATHARSIS, a brand new game from me, apparently.

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