The Opening Editor’s Note for Heavy Metal Magazine

Metal Hurlant means “screaming metal” — whatever that means. It was, and still is, issued by the Associated Humanoids. The magazine appears to be the work of an alien intelligence, as indeed it is.

It is French.

French is a difficult language to understand because of the large number of English words in it. Thus, when the French say “science fiction,” they are not, as you might thing, referring to H.G. Wells or “Star Trek” or even Jules Verne. “Science fiction” is a term which can sufficiently define Big Macs, South America, Methodism, or a weird neighbor. Vogue Magazine, anything Belgian, and pop-top cans are certainly science fiction. The Humanoid “Moebius,” writing in Metal Hurlant, describes how, while listening to a Johnny Cash album, he realized that science fiction is a cathedral. Are you beginning, dear reader, to sufficiently understand?

Editor’s Note, Heavy Metal Magazine, April 1977

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