Glissant and Opacity

So I have done a little work with Glissant in the past, but I’m now sitting down and working through Poetics of Relation. It is amazing stuff, and it is really informing the stuff that I am doing right now on the desires of nonhumans.

So that kind of stuff is going to be forthcoming in the very near future. I hope you like that.

In any case, a Glissant quote:

This same transparency, in Western History, predicts that a common truth of Mankind exists and maintains that what approaches it most closely is action that projects, whereby the world is realized at the same time that it is caught in the act of its foundation.

Against this reductive transparency, a force of opacity is at work. Now longer the capacity that enveloped and reactivated the mystery of filiation but another, considerate of all the threatened and delicious things joining one another (without conjoining, that is, without merging) in the expanse of Relation. (62)


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