Nick Briz Profiled At Rhizome

Do you actively study art history? +

Do you read art criticism, philosophy, or critical theory? If so, which authors inspire you?

yes && yes. I’m xtreamly interested in the parallel/perpendicular + complementing/contradicting + fringe && mainstream narratives that make up the histories of the conversations I’m invested in: media art histories, computer science histories, digital folk histories, Chicago histories, activist histories, piracy histories, etc. I read lots of criticism/philosophy/theory… I’m inspired by lots of folks: lots of contemporary/mainstream digital culture folks (LessigShirkyJenkinsBenklerStallman) + netstream new media art folks (LialinaGalloway, the “software studies” crowd) + academix/bloggers/podcasters I follow closely (Katie SalenLarisa MannYoani SánchezAnita Sarkeesian) + the writings of many of my collaborators like Rosa Menkman && jonCates. And then of course the theoretical giants that influence most of us, in particular ideas like Martin Heidegger’s notion of ‘enframing’, that rather than looking at technologies simply as tools, we’re better served by considering how they are symptomatic of our particular world view. This has been key to my understanding of technologies as indicative of prevailing ideologies >> McLuhan’s perspectives too, specifically the medium-is-the-message angle, rather than getting lost in the content the media carries (and similarly the utility a technology provides) we should consider how the technology itself changes (often completely turns on its head) our relationship to each other and the world.

Half of me is glad that philosophy and theory really gets integrated into the art world. Half of me really mourns the fact that it has to be fucking Heidegger.

Read the entire interview here (it is good.)

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