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On The Last Door: Season 1

The Last Door is a strange little point and click horror game that is (I believe) going to stretch over two seasons. It has a lot to love in it, and it has a familiar aesthetic for anyone who has played … Continue reading

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On Fargo – Season 1

1. The use of the pastiche or the remix or the mashup in contemporary “prestige television” is everywhere. I can see it working on a couple different levels. On one level, it does the same work that stock plots have … Continue reading

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Jason Read on the Blockbuster Reboot

If you remember anything about The Road Warrior (Mad Max 2 in the rest of the world) it is the truck chase, so Fury Road offers you the truck chase as a film. It also sprinkles in a few other … Continue reading

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On The Martian

Somewhere around the winter release of the film, Daniel Joseph tweeted this about Interstellar: Intersteller is a three hour long advertisement for the corn industry about an astronaut who loves his daughter. — DanJo.txt (@Daniel_Joseph) November 12, 2014 Daniel has a way … Continue reading

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On Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp

I’ve been down with Wet Hot American Summer for something like a decade. I think that I might have learned about it via a weird daisy chain of really liking Reno 911, learning about the connection to The State, and then finding out about what all … Continue reading

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A Quick Note On Jupiter Ascending’s Politics

There’s a short response to my previous post on the films of the Wachowskis over at Fuck Yeah Jupiter Ascending, and I just want to take a moment to think about it and be a little more explicit at how … Continue reading

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Val Kilmer as Batman

“Val Kilmer was the most beautiful Batman. The perfect face for that mask. Those lips.” – Stephen Goldblatt, “Batman Forever: The Story Behind The Surprise Hit Nobody Really Wanted“

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