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On At The Existentialist Café

I. I’ve been reading At The Existentialist Café a chapter at a time for a couple months now. It’s a weird way to read a book but, you know, things get in the way when you’re writing a dissertation. I barreled through … Continue reading

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Marcom in A Brief History of Yes

So now it is Maria’s turn to laugh. She laughs. And the girl opens her mouth and all of the laughing animals and not-animals run out of her mouth and into the air–which butterflies and sandhill cranes which hillside songbird … Continue reading

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On Awkwardness

I finished Adam Kotsko’s Awkwardness yesterday. I think that it was good, if slim, and the content works for what Kotsko is doing–laying out the nature of awkwardness, how we experience it, and ways to combat (or rather, embrace) it. … Continue reading

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