TCiW: The Year in Review 2012

I’m making this post for a few reasons.

First, this year was really rad. I got hooked into a few online communities that have made me a lot cooler, and a lot better, as a person–you all know who you are. I’m going to hit everything else in list format:

Second, this year I made a post every Monday through Friday for the entire year. It was a lot of work, but I think that the strength of the writing on the blog has become powers stronger. Additionally, I have been able to be in conversation with myself in a really specific and articulate way–I make far fewer 3,000 word posts and a lot more small explanations of ideas that have returned over and over again. So what I am saying is that there is a lot of work that goes on here, and I think a post of posts is the best way to demonstrate that.

Third, it is helpful for new readers. I want a page that I can point to, like SEK’s “Best of Acephalous” series, that shows off what I have been doing. Also, like SEK, I plan for this blog to continue on, mostly unchanged, into the future. At most, I would limit my post count, but my class schedule next semester sort of demands constant blogging–there will be more on that early in the year.

In any case, also ripping off SEK, I am going to split this up by month. I think it is pretty clear when the quality of the blog picks up–sometime in the Spring–and I generally believe that I have kept that up for the rest of the year.













So that is it. Thanks for reading. Thanks for showing up.

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