On The Last Broadcast

I watched The Last Broadcast recently. I really liked the film (though I thought the end was a cheesy cop out), and if you’ve seen The Blair Witch Project, there are some really interesting shared aspects between the two films. The Last Broadcast came out the year before, and you can read about the “controversy” between the two films in an interview with the creators of the film here.

I would normally review the film, talk about the way it constructs a space of experience, etc., but I really think the film does all of that for you. It deconstructs itself in the end, which makes it less interesting to talk about. My post a long time ago about Blair Witch probably covers everything that I would say about The Last Broadcast.

So in lieu of doing real analysis, I am going to give you an image breakdown of the whole film. These are screenshots that make up, for me, what it means to watch The Last Broadcast. So here are thirty something screenshots, taken chronologically, that sum up the act of watching The Last Broadcast. There are spoilers, so there is a cut after the first couple.

More after the cut.

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