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Warren Ellis at Haunted Machines

This is a talk of Warren Ellis playing his history is the future in the past tune, and it’s one that I like a whole hell of a lot. However you feel about his writing in comics and otherwise, I … Continue reading

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A Quick Bit on Ellis’ Supergod

I am really busy. The semester is ending. I have books about feminism and science fiction to read, as well as some fairy tales. It has been that kind of year. Anyway, I read Warren Ellis’ Supergod this past weekend. If you … Continue reading

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On The Authority

If you’re up on the Twitter wire, you might know that sometime last week, in a fit of strange nostalgia, I read Ellis/Hitch issues of The Authority. A little bit of confessional bio for a second: The Authority is the first “run” … Continue reading

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Apocalypse Comics

I particularly like comics about the apocalypse. What I mean by that is that I really like comics in which the world of the comic ends in some dramatic way. More than that, I like when we get to see … Continue reading

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