I Need You To Be Way Too Scared!

Hello! This is a weird thing, but here I go:

So if you follow me on Twitter, you know that I’ve finished 90% of the development of the game that I kickstarted last month, which is now titled Catachresis: A Way Too Scary Game. The people who have played it so far have enjoyed it, I think, and so I’m looking at a few different ways to make the launch of the game a little more “official” than the previous games that I’ve made.

That means that I want to make lil press packet as well as a launch trailer, which is where this post comes in. I want to make one of those awful youtube videos of reactions to horror games, and because I do not live in the physical bodies of more than a single person, I need some help here.

WHAT I NEED FROM YOU: If you want to be in the launch trailer for Catachresis, take a short reaction video of yourself being WAY TOO SCARED. Interpret this however you want. You can do it on your phone or with a laptop or whatever. Then figure out some way to send that to me at robot dot kunzelman at gmail dot com. I will edit these things together with a track from the soundtrack and some awful footage from the game and then I will have a trailer built on the back of your labor. Yay!

OH and the game will be released September 4th, so please send me these videos by August 31!

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