You Can Listen To Me Talk About Horror Games

A few weeks ago Tara Ogaick asked me if I wanted to do some kind of vlog or podcast or whatever about horror games, and after fumbling around for a few weeks we finally arranged schedules to get some words out into the air.

We played through Home and Lone Survivor (or in my case, played 47 minutes of the game and then watched a LP of the rest of the game) and then we talked about how we think the horror genre works in video games. I’m really building on my Designing Horror game series in the podcast, so you might want to check that out here.

I think I come off like a total asshole in the thing, so be aware of that. PODCASTS ARE NOT MY STRONG POINT. We also travel far afield of the topic and I end up making a weird defense of the films of Michael Bay at the end.

Here’s the link to the podcast!

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