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Austin Walker and Ian Williams on Funk of Titans

There’s a temptation to say that popular interpretations of blaxploitation has even lost their racialized content, but there’s often a toothless trace. In Funk of Titans, after players beat a set of levels they face off in a rhythm-game dance … Continue reading

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David Brothers on Social Justice and Media Criticism

Race and ethnicity factors into everything in our culture, including comic books. I wanted to explore that connection from every angle I could find. I wanted to provide a perspective that is frankly still lacking in comics media, and I … Continue reading

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Frantz Fanon on Ontology

As long as the black man remains in his home territory, except for petty internal quarrels, he will not have to experience his being for others. There is in fact a “being for other,” as described by Hegel, but any … Continue reading

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On Truth: Red, White & Black

I don’t know how to start this. Truth: Red, White & Black is about superheroes. That isn’t right. Truth: Red, White & Black is about comic books. Ugh. 1. Superheroes Truth: Red, White & Black is the story of the … Continue reading

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