On rrrrrrrroll

I have had rrrrrrrroll open in a tab on my desktop for a month or more, always trying to figure out what I should write about it. Clearly I am never going to get there.


Maybe that’s the point. rrrrrrrroll is about a single concept, as you can see. You take an object (that object can be a person) and you put it in motion; that motion never stops. It never moves from its place. It is stuck, for good.


It is a beautiful summation of life under contemporary capitalism. You can be beautiful and shape the small world around you in every way to make it idyllic, but you’re fundamentally trapped in a tiny frame, performing the same motions over and over again.


I’ll give Deleuze and Guattari the last word on rrrrrrrroll:

They are three aspects of a single thing, the Refrain {ritournelle}. They are found in tales (both horror stories and fairy tales), and in lieder as well. The refrain has all three aspects, it makes them simultaneous or mixes them: sometimes, sometimes, sometimes. Sometimes chaos is an immense black hole in which one endeavors to fix a fragile point as a center. Sometimes one organizes around that point a calm and stable “pace” (rather than a form): the black hole has become a home. Sometimes one grafts onto that pace a breakaway from the black hole. [A Thousand Plateaus p.312]

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