Some preliminary Dear Esther remarks

I am excited about Dear Esther coming out next month. It will be a day one purchase for me, and there aren’t a lot of games that hold that kind of weight for me.

So this is the trailer for the game. I know that probably no one actually watches the videos that I post, but really do yourself a favor and watch it:

The game is going to be profoundly sad, but I think that it will really be an amazing piece of art. I have a strong affective experience with the video, especially the voiceover; it made me weep uncontrollably for about two minutes. So there’s something there, and I have to play it.

Also, I tried to google around for a transcription of the words in the trailer, and I couldn’t find one, so here is the voiceover from the trailer for Dear Esther.

 I’ve begun my voyage in a paper boat without a bottom. I will fly to the moon in it. I’ve been folded along a crease in time, a weakness in the sheet of life. Now you’ve settled on the opposite side of the paper to me. You can see your traces in the ink that soaks through the fiber, the pulped vegetation. When we become waterlogged and the cage disintegrates, we will intermingle. When this paper airplane leaves the cliff edge and carves parallel paper trails in the dark, we will come together.

For my post about the game when it came out, look here.

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