You Buy It, I Play It: New Rules!

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You might remember the standing offer that I have had going for a few years: if you buy a game for me on Steam, I will play it for at least an hour and then write something about it. You can see some of the previous pieces of writing that have come from that process here.

In the previous rules, there were are a lot of explicit notes about what that process looked like. It was going to be playing with the intent to complete alongside the explicit notion that I would write as opposed to, well, do something in any other medium. As time has shown, that’s mega hard, especially within the bounds of games that people have chosen to give me for the previously-titled You Buy It, I Write It.

I really enjoy the mystery of the process, and I’ve slowly-but-surely working my way through the list that has continually accrued over the past couple years.

So, with all of that said, some new rules for the future: 

1. If you purchase a game for me on Steam,, Humble, GOG, or any other store from which you can send me a link, I will play it.

2. I will put at least one hour into the game. If the game is an interesting object to me, I will make a good-faith effort to complete it or at least play more than that hour.

3. I will write at least 500 words in essay form about the game or I will make video about it and put it on my YouTube page.

These new rules are really just a small shift from the previous rules, but they give me some maneuverability when it comes to the writing (some games just don’t produce anything at all for me) and explicitly mentions the video.

You can read some of the writing I have done in the You Buy It, I Play It series here.

You can see some of the videos I have made in the You Buy It, I Play It series here.

For any information, please contact me on Twitter.

My Steam id is “kunzelman”.

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