New Policy: If You Buy It, I Will Play It and Write About It

I tweeted this earlier today:

I’m actually really serious about this. If you purchase a game for me, on Steam or otherwise (I guess you would have to send me a link?), I will play it. More importantly, I will spend at least an hour with the game after installation completes and I will make a serious effort to complete the game.

[edit 6/21/2014]

You can see the games I’ve played and written about so far here.



We get closed up in our video game boxes really easily. I play my indie experimental games and first person shooters and classic RPGs. I play new AAA titles as they come out–partially I want to know, but I also want to be able to talk to other people about the games as they come out. This is a well-known problem in video games writing, and probably all media work–we love the novel and we’re quick to forget. This is a way of remembering the subordinate, the lost stuff, the detritus of our video game landscape. A mournful dirge.

What do you get out of it? If you like my writing, you get at least a thousand words out of my experience. You put down the cash, I put in the time, and something wonderful happens (or I just play a really, really bad game.)

My Steam ID is: kunzelman

A contact email is: robot dawt kunzelman et gmail

I will keep a running list of the games that I end up playing, and it looks like the first is Fortix.

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