Released: Catachresis: A Way Too Scary Game



You can play Catachresis here.

I don’t have a lot to say about the game currently. I’m very proud of it, and if it doesn’t break in the middle (save often, be gentle!), then you should also like it.


For specific info please check out the press kit.

You can purchase the OST here.

You can download desktop versions of the game that (should) work here.

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8 Responses to Released: Catachresis: A Way Too Scary Game

  1. racarate says:

    Very nice! I thought the middle was good, blue-collar plumbers indeed…

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  3. Ian K says:

    I really loved this game, thank you for making it! Lovecraftian horror is all the rage now, but not many can pull it off as well as you have here.

  4. It just left me with a sense of vague, unsatisfied confusion…

  5. Sergio says:

    Very enjoyable! I’m afraid it didn’t scare me, though, despite my best attempts to get scared (such as playing it in the middle of the night with all the lights off). Some spoilers follow:

    I must admit that I expected the choice to have repurcussions, which it did not seem to. I also noticed that going back through the third (shrimp) door while the light is turned off leads to the inability to move, a game-breaking bug.

    Thanks for making this and releasing it for free! I hope you will make more scary games in the future.

  6. tr says:

    yes, just finished game now, was an enjoyable experience
    – loved the square blocky character shapes
    – paranormal/lovecraft stuff was neat, thought it gave a bit of a bprd vibe (compliment!)
    – i thought it was a pretty neat narrative choice as regards the multiple player characters (and way the first character is dispatched via bearing the ‘word’, didn’t expect that, good surprise)

    – thought potentially, you could have included a run button; whilst it would mess with the speed/tone/mood you’ve created, some of the extended walking sessions were a bit slow (despite the occasional flashes of text in the background, also a neat touch)

    – didn’t really notice any benefits from wearing headphones, think if you want to pursue that course of action, you may need more reflexive/responsive sound design/track layerings (i’ll donate you some scary noise songs if you like 😉 )

    – some of the 4th wall breaking references (to the author, the control schemes, & self referential game awareness) kind of ‘broke’ the tone, whilst i realise it must be a tough line to walk, and these kinds of things inject a bit of humor into what’s going on, it (and this is just my opinion to be sure) has the potential of undermining your unique game universe – if we, the players, are explicitly made aware of the fact we’re playing a game, it’s tougher to enter into that state of suspension of disbelief –

    minor quibbles tho, was a good thing you’ve done – have you considered submitting it to: ? as i’m sure they would love to showcase it

    looking forward to your future works indeed


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  8. David Moran says:

    Played through and then bookmarked to play again in the future. This game ruled. While yeah, there is a vogue for Lovecraftian horrors, as pointed out above, I think you’ve successfully dodged the more boring applications of the trope, and I mostly read the game as a parable on the dread of impending death, wending your way through a life that has indiscernable meaning, winding up where you must, where everyone must, and then hoping you have someone’s hand to hold at the end. I really, really enjoyed it.

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