Released: Alpaca Run

I’ve released a new game called Alpaca Run. Go play it!


A month or so ago Samantha Allen and I went to Johnson City, TN to participate in a panel on sexism and gaming. On the way home, Samantha explained a concept for a game about alpacas that would go along with a song she had written. When she was done, I was all “yeah, that could be a game.”

Then I went home and spent a few weeks working on a game.

Alpaca Run is a cross between a runner game and a music video for Samantha’s song “Transcontinental Alpaca” (which you can buy for $1 here if you want).

You do three things: you jump, you collect apples, and you listen to a song.

Inspirations for Alpaca Run include: the Soundplay series that Kill Screen sponsored, the Bit Trip Runner games, running alpacas, and the feeling of absolute joy you have when you embody a jumping alpaca.

Notably, there isn’t a fail state in Alpaca Run. I want everyone to complete it. I want everyone to have a fun journey and to get to listen to a cool song without failing over and over again.

Big up to Samantha Allen for music/vocals/concept, to Joe Culp for the beautiful background images, and to Guy Conn for sound engineering work.


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  3. SJ says:

    I’ve never been so happy.

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