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Mark Fisher Interviewing Burial

Wire: Your music is very visual. I suppose that’s partly the influence of films? You’ve talked about that sound from ‘Alien’ being one of your favourite sounds. Burial: The motion tracker, yeah, and the dropship, the sentry guns. My big … Continue reading

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On Dead Space

Isaac was screaming. He was screaming as his arms were ripped off. He was screaming as the spines of otherbeing went through his torso. He was screaming when he was sliced cleanly in two, his upper body falling to the … Continue reading

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Getting Some Clarity on Prometheus

I watched Prometheus this last weekend. I liked it a lot, a whole lot in fact, and because of that I have decided to do a write-up on some of the most confusing parts of Prometheus and its connection to the larger Alien franchise. This isn’t … Continue reading

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