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On Dungeons of Dredmor

Ben Abraham’s “Permanent Death” is one of my favorite bits of video game writing. Ben is both doing a design exegesis and a phenomenological account of what it means to play Far Cry 2, and if you haven’t read through it, … Continue reading

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On Limbo

I am behind the times. I got Limbo as part of the Humble Bundle V, and I took this morning to play through it. My opinion? It is a mediocre puzzle game with a heavy dose of Tim Burton-esque aesthetics. … Continue reading

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Chris Ware Interviewed by Fear No Art

This is an amazing interview. I always like reading and hearing Chris Ware speaking in his own voice rather than through the multitude of characters he has created to hyperbolize and diffuse his personality through. There is something deep in … Continue reading

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On Bastion

So I didn’t like Bastion the first time that I tried it. It was last summer, I think, when the demo showed up on Live. I read all of the push about the game, about how it was beautiful, about loss and … Continue reading

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