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Rocket League Pro Strategies

I made a video showing off some of the best pro strategies in Rocket League. This video was super fun to make and I find it completely hilarious. Maybe you will too! Or maybe you won’t. What you will think is a mystery … Continue reading

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You Buy It I Play It: Orion: Prelude

This video is part of my series where I will play anything that you buy for me. I played through Orion: Prelude and it really hurt me emotionally.

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Heroes of the Storm SUPERCUT

Last night I posted a “supercut” video of a long stream of Heroes of the Storm that I hosted the other night. It’s a bunch of my friends from my World of Warcraft days and before, and I’ve included our fun wins and our … Continue reading

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“choreography for body without organs” by Neil Gravander

NWS for an art penis I’m less amazed by what is going on here technically than I am by the idea that something so seemingly simple can produce something that looks so weird and alien. I’ll follow this up a … Continue reading

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Grand Theft Auto III and Gamer Memory

A transcript/just a script that I read: Grand Theft Auto 3 looms large over the past fifteen years of gaming. It sold itself on the idea that you can do everything, and it broke the concept of “open world” into … Continue reading

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Violet Forest’s “VHS Girls”

I don’t have any context for this piece, but it’s haunting nonetheless; a purposeful fragmentation in a medium that always felt fragmented when you used it. The linearity and the usage of the video camera meant that a full tape … Continue reading

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Video: Metal Slug


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Riff Raff on Interpretation

So that is an interview where Riff Raff talks about his work ethic and about how he coming up in the world of rap. But he also talks about audience reception of his songs. I’ve transcribed Riff Raff on haters … Continue reading

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The Talking Heads and Kermit

I am very busy right now with preparation for finals, so the work that I am putting into this blog will be going down for a little while. I have something for you, though. It is Kermit singing “Once in … Continue reading

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