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Val Kilmer as Batman

“Val Kilmer was the most beautiful Batman. The perfect face for that mask. Those lips.” – Stephen Goldblatt, “Batman Forever: The Story Behind The Surprise Hit Nobody Really Wanted“

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Three Readings of Films by The Wachowskis

I. The Matrix Trilogy The Matrix Trilogy presents us with a supposedly linear vision of time that is revealed to be completely static. In the second film, the council member takes Neo beneath the city to show him the machinery that allows … Continue reading

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“evocation without the dead weight of explanation”: on Mad Max: Fury Road

The beauty of The Road Warrior is that it is a legend. We’re given the past through the lens of someone who lived it, and the trials and tribulations of Max himself become something akin to the Bibilical suffering of Job or … Continue reading

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Martin on the Cinephile as War Machine

There is no essential form or content to cinephilia, but maybe there is something like an essential cinephile process or gesture. Let me put it this way: cinephilia is a war machine; a tactical, cultural war machine. Always a different … Continue reading

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On The Battle of the Five Armies

The Battle of the Five Armies, the third film in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit trilogy, doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. I’m a weird half-fan of Tolkien. I went through “the phase” as a kid, and then I checked out … Continue reading

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Jean Epstein on discontinuity and continuity

Discontinuity becomes continuity only once it has entered the movie-viewer. It is a purely interior phenomenon. Outside the viewing subject there is no movement, no flux, no light in the mosaics of light and shadow that the screen always displays … Continue reading

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Best of This Cage Is Worms 2014

Hello! Thank you so much for reading This Cage Is Worms today and any other day that you so choose. This post is a compilation of (what I think is) the best writing that I’ve done here on this website in 2014. … Continue reading

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Joseph Kahn on the difference between Cabin in the Woods and Detention

Scope: Did you like The Cabin in the Woods (2012)? Kahn: No I didn’t, and I’ll tell you why. Detention and The Cabin in the Woods say very different things about movies. I think in The Cabin in the Woods … Continue reading

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Agent Smith’s Reversal

I watched The Matrix Reloaded and I came away confused. In The Matrix, Agent Smith is this weird nihilist–he wants to scrub the matrix of free humans so he doesn’t have to be embodied any longer. When he complains about the sweat and … Continue reading

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The Most Beautiful Scene In Europa

  This .gif will also suffice for 60% of internet discussions you might have. “It’s going well, could be fine, I’m so curious about what this person thinks–nope.”

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