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On The Cybertwee Manifesto

“we are fragmented and multifaceted bbs” The Cybertwee Manifesto is a fascinating document. Infinitely more tolerable than every other manifesto you’re attempted to read, it is a call for an understanding of the body as an emotional machine without reducing either … Continue reading

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I was born

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A war photographer goes to The Last of Us

By the time I finished this assignment, watching the carnage had became easier. – “A War Photographer Embeds Himself Inside A Video Game“

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Working Today!

I’ve spent all day working on two new projects that I think are very exciting, so there’s not much for me to post today. You can have this image that I made while my internet connection was down for ten … Continue reading

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The Internet in 1592

The Flatterers by Pieter Bruegel is maybe my favorite painting right now, merely because it does such a good job of visually describing the internet in our current period. The painting is less about flattery for me, though, and more … Continue reading

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On rrrrrrrroll

I have had rrrrrrrroll open in a tab on my desktop for a month or more, always trying to figure out what I should write about it. Clearly I am never going to get there. Maybe that’s the point. rrrrrrrroll is about a single … Continue reading

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