Jason Read on the Blockbuster Reboot


If you remember anything about The Road Warrior (Mad Max 2 in the rest of the world) it is the truck chase, so Fury Road offers you the truck chase as a film. It also sprinkles in a few other elements, an shotgun that doesn’t fire, a dwarf, and the car from the original. These callbacks are less attempts to recreate what worked in the original film than to acknowledge that is why we are watching a remake in the first place. Jurassic World even goes so far as to include a souvenir T-shirt from the original film, err…park, in the film itself. Screening its own nostalgia for the original.

– Jason Read, “Genysis of a New Film Form

I’m so fascinated with the past couple years of interesting reboots, and I consistently think that Jason Read might be the only other person I’ve encountered who takes them as seriously as I do.

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