Epanalepsis Out Today!


After a very long and weird journey that has destroyed both my mind and my body, I have released Epanalepsis. It is a short narrative game that’s sort of cyberpunky and sort of Literary Brat Pack and generally just a weird thing and I don’t think we’ve seen very much of in games. We certainly don’t see it very often in commercial games.

I am hyper proud of it and I think that if you read this blog you will enjoy it.

You can go here to purchase it on Steam. You can go here to purchase it as a DRM-free standalone application. If you don’t know what Steam is and you don’t play many games and you just want to buy the game and have a good time with it with no fuss, buy it here.

If you are interested in some additional stuff, you can buy The Epanalepsis Papers, which is super high quality scans of my design notebook that I used before and during the development of Epanalepsis. It also has extensive annotations, some new essays I wrote specifically for the book, and even some music recommendations. You can purchase it here.

You can also purchase the excellent soundtrack that John Fio made for it. It’s really good and you can support him directly by buying it from him on Bandcamp.

It’s been a long, weird ride and here we are. More sooner, later, better.

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