Thimbleweed Park and Sketching

Gary Winnick has a new post up on the Thimbleweek Park development blog about quick sketching and visual design for a game.

I’ve never thought about quick iteration as something at the forefront of my game development method, but I really have a lot of love for what Winnick is saying there. I do a lot of sketching in a visual sense, but I do just as much in the realm of story, dialogue, and how the objects in a game are meant to interact with one another.

I’ve been preparing The Epanalepsis Papers, a book of scans from my design notebook for Epanalepsis, and there’s several instances where I’m just writing events and sequences that sort of fit the game and sort of don’t. I spent a lot of time doing what Winnick is talking about–trying to find problems with what I’m thinking, trying to make things fit, and just generally trying to get words written in a way that they might eventually fit into a longform narrative.

Epanalepsis is coming out next week! Eep.

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