Erik Wolpaw on Valve’s Organization

When you moved to Valve – that must have been a strange day – what did you expect to be doing?

I figured I’d be spending most of my time getting fired in a few weeks. Thank God for Portal and Team Fortress and Valve’s decentralized management structure that created an environment where nobody 100% knew who had the authority to fire me until I was able to actually make a meaningful contribution.

– “RPS Interview: Valve’s Erik Wolpaw

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You’ll Never Believe What This Witcher Does

I’ve been making things that I find super funny and putting them on YouTube and this is one of those things.

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On These Are Your Friends


These Are Your Friends is a fifteen second game that gave me more enjoyment than 90% of sandbox open world military shooter fantasy space sims. Dayton McKay made it.

You’re a giant, powerful woman who can pick up her friends to protect them. Or you could pick up the little red notfriends to protect your friends. But you’ve only got one arm, and you have two little friends, and safety is impossible to achieve.


Airplanes and boats, the demons of modern industry, crowd the game’s universe.

I love it go play it here.

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Ian Williams on Hulk Hogan The Liar

Hogan started his big run as a pure American hero, waving a flag as he kicked the shit out of the Iron Sheik for his first world title. The first thrill of Hulkamania coincided with the giddy height of Reaganism, on the eve of the 1984 election, and this was no accident. Hulk was presented as a sort of revanchist ideal of American masculinity, beefy and resurgent. His enemies were either evil foreigners or all-American fat guys you just knew weren’t working for a living, the slugs. That is, basically, the same enemies Reagan was fighting, with the exception that Hogan didn’t fight women, too. Even he wasn’t that mean.

It is glib but true to say the times called for both men. We were ready to be lied to. Carter, with his dour exhortations to dress warmly, dream responsibly, and prepare for a slight global retreat, rankled a nation that wanted to feel strong. We craved flattering deception—we still do—and were ready to embrace a charismatic liar. Hogan did it better than anyone in those heady days of 1984.

– Ian Williams, “Hulk Hogan, All-American Liar

This is an amazing retrospective that really hits even harder than it did when it was initially published.

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The Bloody Baron Analyzed

I recorded lots of hours of my The Witcher III playthrough, and after I finished up the vague cluster of quests around the Bloody Baron, I thought I would create this explainer/analysis video to parse some of it. I remember there being huge debates about the emotional depth/politics/etc of this quest when the game was released, and I try to get into that in the latter half of the video.

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Super Mario Bros. 3 and The Plumber’s Dream

I’m trying to figure out the Super Mario Bros. 3 lore.

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You Buy It I Play It: Orion: Prelude

This video is part of my series where I will play anything that you buy for me.

I played through Orion: Prelude and it really hurt me emotionally.

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