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On Small Town Gay Bar

Small Town Gay Bar is a film by Malcolm Ingram about gay bars in the American South. Specifically, it is about Mississippi, but there’s nothing particularly unique about the location–the content of the documentary could be about anywhere in the South. … Continue reading

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Notes on Standard Operating Procedure (2008)

These are notes that I took while watching Errol Morris’ Standard Operating Procedure. They are exactly that. I make no excuses. –*–*–*–*– The Rumsfeld trip is told through photographs–it lends a truth to the story. The soldiers who showed up to … Continue reading

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On Indie Game: The Movie

Indie Game: The Movie begins with nostalgia. The movie doesn’t literally begin with that, of course, but certainly the reasons for the film’s existence begin with it. Indie Game is a documentary that tells two separate, but connected stories. The first follows … Continue reading

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