Support Critical Distance on Patreon

Kris Ligman has recently put up a Patreon page for Critical Distance, and suggest you support it if you like the world of videogame criticism.

Kris does an immense amount of work on Critical Distance, and I’m glad that there’s a way to assure that they are properly compensated for the amount of work that is required every single week on the site. As you may know, I am on the “staff” of CD in the sense that I, every now and again, pitch in to do the weekly roundup. It is always difficult and time consuming, and I literally cannot imagine doing that every single week, and I definitely couldn’t imagine doing it for free. Kris has been doing it for years now, and the opportunity to pay for that labor is one that we should all be taking advantage of.

Critical Distance is the contemporary heart of online games criticism. Kris is the critical valve that keeps that heart beating.


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