I Have Launched a Patreon!

So I finally decided that in a world of Patreon there was no reason not to at least attempt to recoup some of the costs of this blog and my video game creation through direct subsidization by the audience.

Here is the Patreon page. If you like this blog or my games, please consider putting some cash my way. It is based on a “monthly” model rather than a “per object” model, so that means you’re paying a flat rate for an entire month of blog posts, games, and whatever else I manage to produce.

If you can’t, or have no interest in, putting money through Patreon, it would be a major help if you could just get the word out! Tweet about it, put it on your Facebook page, and swindle the young and old alike.

Some projects that I have lined up: a JRPG about hip hop, more posts in the Designing Horror series, a post about Jean-Francois Lyotard’s concept of justice, something long about Spelunky, an essay I’ve had in the works about “reflexive games” for about six months now,  a post about learning the basics of fighting games, a game about the shield from the Halo series, and other junk that just floats around down here (we all float down here).

So if any of that sounds like something worth paying for, then by all means go here. If not, keep enjoying it!

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