I Started Playing Rift, or The World is Awful


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3 Responses to I Started Playing Rift, or The World is Awful

  1. I almost went down that dark path (of playing Rift) over the weekend. Aside from being populated by terrible people, is the gameplay even worth it?

    • kunzelman says:

      It is World of Warcraft with some neat world events. It is my current “chill out” game. It is predictable quests and a totally inscrutable (to me) larger fiction. I’m really just leveling so I can do some PVP.

      • Word. I’ve used The Secret World for similar purposes. Though, once it started behaving like an MMO, I became less interested. I guess, having played MUDs in high school, I somehow bounced off MMOs proper. Anyways, thanks for the lowdown.

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