The Indiecade Judges’ Comments on Alpaca Run

So the Indiecade comments came back. We had submitted Alpaca Run as a musical game full of joy and fun and whatnot. We didn’t get in, but we did get some comments back. Here they are in full–I believe there are three sets of comments separated by dashes. It would have been wonderful to get more than a couple sentences back, but I feel like this is the kind of interesting/helpful posting of comments that people are interested in. Transparency is a cool thing sometimes!

You can play Alpaca Run here.

Here are the comments:

As advertised, this was a game.

I think this game is exactly what you wanted it to be – a short experience that makes the player smile for a bit. The sort of thing I’d like to see linked from a gaming blog for a quick afternoon distraction.

I’d be very surprised if you’re looking for much in the way of serious criticism or feedback given the tone of the game and submission (that isn’t a bad thing), but a way to share my score would’ve been cool. 😛
Loved the video!
The song is very cute, and the idea of a transcontinental alpaca having adventures is one that appeals to me. This game could have used some additional thinking to vary up the gameplay, and the graphics seemed temp at best, sadly (definitely check the tiling on those backgrounds!)

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