I Have Feelings About Handheld Video Games

I purchased a DSi.

The last time that I had a handheld system was probably in middle school and elementary school. I played my Pokemon Red and Blue, my Dragon Warriors, my Dragon Warrior Monsters. A Link to the Past got a lot of screen time on my tiny purple GameBoy color.

But somewhere around middle school, that stopped. I discovered Jackass and that was where all my time went. The fond memories that I have of wailing on chickens or breeding crazy monsters together to get disappointing results were replaced by throwing footballs at other people’s crotches and drinking the most disgusting thing I could create from the things in my fridge. The times were good and bad.

But the nostalgia dog didn’t just wander up and bite me. I didn’t buy this game system out of the blue. No. Actually, I polled Twitter a while back and asked for some recommendations on RPGs to play. I figured that I was missing some from the PS3, 360, or PC arena that I hadn’t play.

Long story short, not really. I don’t think I am a particularly fast or prolific game player. I don’t blow through the industry too quickly, and I will be honest, I think that home console JRPGs are mindnumbingly boring (most of the time.) And so that meant that my options were limited.

I’m tired and overworked, so let me cut this word adventure short. I feel like I was pressured into buying a DSi because all of the interesting, pick-up-and-play, fun RPGs are on that system. I would be eternally happy if someone would just release a new Dragon Quest game for a bloody home console.

I just want to play games that are designed like handheld games on my console.

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  1. bonmotsandblood says:

    I can’t agree enough. I get a kick out of the $50 DS I picked up to play Professor Layton and a Final Fantasy title, but I would kill for a beautifully designed little JRPG on the XBLA. Although when it comes to JRPGs I certainly get inappropriately nostalgic for story over mechanics. The only SNES generation JRPG story that doesn’t diminish dramatically upon revisiting is Earthbound. Even Chrono Trigger feels a little dumb. (And by this I don’t mean to in ANY WAY imply that the current gen JRPGs have improved the situation; they’re still attempting to move beyond cave painting, but with a much nicer brush and palette.)

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